[Mimedefang] Re: exiting the filter before any processing

Rolf rolf at ses.tas.gov.au
Tue Sep 6 10:23:30 EDT 2005

> That should throw you straight out and not do anymore processing

Thanks.  But I do want to do more processing. That's just the point.  
Its like I want to say at each point 'if the mail is from <here> then 
jump over the virus scanning bit" and likewise avoid the mimetype bit 
and so on. I don't want to stop the processing, I want to be selective 
about it.

It is sounding like I need to significantly adjust the supplied filter 
script and incorporate many conditions.  I was hoping there was a 
simpler way.


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> hello
> Yesterday I received several helpful responses to the question below. 
> All suggested using filter_relay to avoid further processing.
> I have now discovered that what I was initially trying doesn't match 
> what the business wants. What is required is that some parts of the 
> filter are to be avoided based on the sending mail server:
> If $RelayAddr is the address of the ISP mail server then processing 
> continues as usual. If, however, it is the address of the LAN mail 
> server then spam, attachments, size, and so on that the filter checks 
> are all to be ignored, but append_text_boilerplate() is to be applied.
> I can easily apply the boilerplate routine to the right msgs, but I 
> can't find a simple way to ignore the rest of the processing for the 
> same msg.
> Is the only method to insert a collection of conditionals that avoid 
> each of the checks through each of the subroutines? Of the kind "if 
> the relay address is not from then LAN then do this 
> virus/spam/mimetype check..."? Seems the only way, and rather clumsy. 
> Is there a better construct?

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