[Mimedefang] Sudden problem noted with File::Scan 1.43 and PD F attachments

Cormack, Ken Ken.Cormack at roadway.com
Wed Oct 19 16:37:20 EDT 2005

David F. Skoll wrote:

> Hmm, ok.  Then it probably doesn't have anything to do with MIME::Tools.
> I'm stumped.

I really appreciate the effort you've given to this issue, David.  :)

Back in February, you asked if anyone used File::Scan.  At the time, the
complaint seemed to be with false positives.  Since I hadnt'd had any false
positives reported, I had kept running it (in addition to Clam, et al).
Now, however, it looks like we all now have an additional reason to consider
disabling support (at least "support by default" for it.)


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