[Mimedefang] Re: Netblock 222

Damrose, Mark mdamrose at elgin.edu
Tue Oct 11 10:10:55 EDT 2005

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> From:  Ian Mitchell
> Oh, and no, I don't get legitimate email from APNIC. And 
> since my user base is very very small, they don't either. 

I am not able to do that.  My network is a public college 
that has international students.

I suspect that most institutions larger than a few users 
can't block all of it either.

> As for the issues with emails coming from the Air Logistics 
> Command, perhaps you might consider forwarding some logs and 
> whatnot to www.cert.mil I know they'd be interested in zombie 
> hosts that belong on the DoD network. Don't expect a reply, 
> but I know those folks would definately appreciate it.

No, I have no issues with Air Logistics Command.  It was simply 
a database error at ARIN that I didn't follow up correctly.  
The netblock in question is Asia/Pacific.

I mailed the list to see if there was any legitimate e-mail that 
came out of netblock 222 that didn't end in af.mil, and the short 
answer is yes.

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