[Mimedefang] Netblock 222

Damrose, Mark mdamrose at elgin.edu
Mon Oct 10 18:14:48 EDT 2005

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From: Jan Pieter Cornet

> The 222/8 "netblock" is assigned to APNIC, the Asian Pacific 
> region, where it is distributed further to individual ISPs or
> customers. You can verify this from: 
> http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space

I got the AF assignment from whois.arin.net.  ARIN refers
other netblocks correctly, so I assumed it was correct when it 
claimed authority for this block. IANA is the correct authority 
for this, and I should get in the habbit of checking there first.

I had a feeling that I was about to do something stupid, that's
why I asked here.  Thanks for filling in what I was missing.

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