[Mimedefang] Removing the X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang

Paul Houselander housey at sme-ecom.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 06:22:59 EDT 2005


Sorry if this is a common question but ive googled and search the list and
couldnt find a definive answer.

I would like to not add the "X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.53 on x.x.x.x
header", I saw  a message dated 2002 that it was fairly easy to edit the
source and recompile but a command line switch may be added.

Was a switch ever added or is it still a case of editing the source?



p.s. great product, I was thinking I may need to get some new servers to
cope with the volume of mail we get but implementing just a couple of
filters and my box is good for a few more years yet I reckon!!

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