[Mimedefang] SA network tests with MIMEDefang 2.53

tomvo at absi.be tomvo at absi.be
Sun Oct 16 09:37:05 EDT 2005


I struggeld with the same problem, i suggest you check out the thread 
"spamassassin less effective after upgrade to 3.1.0: some checks no longer 
executed ?" in the spamassassin mailing list

short summary: either you forgot to uncomment the 'loadplugin' lines to 
enable dcc, pyzor and razor.

or (which was my case): mimedefang.pl didn't seem to read 
/usr/perl5/5.6.1/etc/mail/spamasssassin, only /etc/mail/spamasssassin. So 
i made the last director a link to /usr/perl5/..... and it worked again.

this was a direct result of upgrading from mimedefang 2.51 to 2.53 in my 


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I'm using MIMEDefang 2.45 with SA 3.1.0 and everything, including Razor,
Pyzor, DCC, DSNBL etc works as it should. When I upgrade MIMEDefang to 
all network tests seems to stop. No spam is marked with the network tests
and nothing is logged in the Razor log.

I use the same config files etc, just switch version of MIMEDefang. I 
find anything in the documentation or changelog to explain this, does
anyone know why this is happening?

Rikard Elofsson

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