[Mimedefang] sendmail access.db question

Frank Marsolais fmarsolais at gpinet.com
Thu Oct 6 13:08:49 EDT 2005

>"Martin J. Dellwo" wrote:
>> >
>> I have implemented an access.db with FEATURE(`access') in sendmail, with
>> lots of 'To:<someword>@domain.com  REJECT' lines to block unknown users
>> (or currently unknown but former users).  Does this get checked before
>> or after MIMEDefang?  How would I distinguish this in the mail syslogs>
>> (I have pretty high logging level turned on).  If the user is unknown on
>> the system and would therefore be rejected anyway, am I gaining anything
>> by using the access.db?

>To blacklist a recipient, you must have the blacklist recipients feature
>enabled. If you have blacklist recipients enabled, it would get checked
>before MIMEDefang.

>If you really want to blacklist recipients, use the virtusertable -- it
>is MUCH simpler. In fact, we have found the easiest way to bounce email
>for any user that does not exist any longer is to list all valid users in
>the virtusertable, then create an entry such as:

>@ourdom.com ERROR:5.1.1:"550 No such user in domain ourdom.com"

>Or, you could explicitly reject a former user by:
>joe at ourdom.com ERROR:5.1.1:"550 Joe don't live here no more"

>Hope this helps!

>Jon Kibler
>Jon R. Kibler
>Chief Technical Officer
>A.S.E.T., Inc.

@ourdom.com ERROR:5.1.1:"550 No such user in domain ourdom.com"
goes in the access db
What would the entry in virtusertable look like?

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