[Mimedefang] Is this possible w/ MIMEDefang?

Garry Glendown garry at nethinks.com
Sat Oct 8 11:04:35 EDT 2005

I've run into kind of a problem at a customer installation, someone
pointed me towards MIMEDefang ...

Here we go ... This customer before had (and is still in the process of
changing over from) Novel w/ Tobit David. While the whole system might
be a POS considering a decent Unix system  :)  it had some features that
come in handy - specifically the customer had been able to define what
happened with certain mails. Before, he was able to:

- quarantine large files for admin approval (e.g., forwarding to an
admin account, with an extra header containing the original recipients)
- quarantine certain file types for admin approval (dito)
- limit number of recipients, mails exceeding the number would be
quarantined again

plus a couple of other minor things that I could implement easily
w/MailScanner or similar tools. Now, I could limit the recipients, but
it's a all or nothing situation at the moment (running sendmail, which I
would rather not change if possible). From what I've browsed the MD
docs, it looks like it should be implementable with MD ...

So, is there any chance of implementing the above features with
MD? I'm not really into PERL hacking, but could probably figure it out
if it's feasible with MD ... any comments?

Tnx, -garry

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