[Mimedefang] Interesting observation about MX records

WBrown at e1b.org WBrown at e1b.org
Thu Oct 27 13:03:14 EDT 2005

I was checking a few mail servers that I recently moved behind my spam 
filters that I had not yet blocked them with a firewall.

When I first started doing spam filtering, spammers would ignore changes 
in MX records for a long time.  These two new servers are not seeing any 
direct connections from the outside.  Are spammers actually cleaning up 
the way they resolve addresses??  I find that a little hard to believe.


"Solving the spam problem is like curing cancer. It's not one disease but 
100 diseases, each with their own issues."  -- John Levine co-chairman of 
the independent Antispam Research Group, part of the Internet Engineering 
Task Force.

William Brown
Web Development & Messaging Services
Technology Services, WNYRIC, Erie 1 BOCES

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