[Mimedefang] outbound mail copy back to origin sender

Manuel Capellari manuel.capellari at liezen.at
Mon Oct 24 16:03:18 EDT 2005


i want to send a copy of all of my outgoing mails to the origin sender
and sort those mails to the users 'Sent' mailbox, i created a filter
that simply adds a header and uses add_recipient $Sender to send the
mail copy back, the filter looks like that:


filter_begin ...

	if ($RelayAddr =~ /^192.168/){
		action_addheader ("X-Outbound", "True")


that works so far, sorting the mail into the mailbox is done by
procmail, which identifies the sent mail by it's X-Outbound header

but i have a the problem that this filter of course only works with
external mail, the filter can not work with internal mail (eg. userA to
userB which are both users on my mailserver)

i have no idea how to handle those internal mails, so that i can sort
them correctly, can anybody give me a hint?

best regards


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