[Mimedefang] How do I recode a part?

Mark admin at asarian-host.net
Sun Oct 23 12:15:54 EDT 2005

Using MIME-tools-5.418, how do I recode a part?

Imagine I did the following:

my $message_body = $entity -> bodyhandle;
my $file = $message_body -> path;

open (MIME, "$file") || return undef;
undef $/;
my $decoded_message = <MIME>;

This gives me a decode message part, which is good. How do I recode it,
though? (after I wrote the changed message part back to the file path). I

$entity -> head -> mime_encoding;

Which gives me the original encoding.

I always thought that writing the altered message part back to the file
path, given by $message_body -> path, would suffice for MIME::Parser to
recode the part to what it originally was encoded with. But lately someone
told me I have to recode the message part myself first.

To give you an idea of what is happening, I decode, say, an HTML part,
quoted-printable; then I reformat it a bit, and write the (now unencoded!)
text back to the file, and let MIME::Parser reassemble the whole message.
Do I really need to recode the message part myself?


- Mark

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