[Mimedefang] SA working but spam still goes through

ms at interspace.net ms at interspace.net
Wed Oct 19 10:52:03 EDT 2005

hi list,

I started a thread before, got a lot of help, BUT spam still goes through even
dough i use spam & ham mailboxes and run spam through sa-learn atleast once a
week... :-(
I have spam coming over and over again, even though i pass them in sa-learn...
the command I use is:
$sa-learn --showdots --mbox --spam /dir/to/spam

spam in that file is filtered manualy by myself so it is safe to say it contains
spam only! the same goes to ham file.

here is a header from spam that got through:
X-Spam-Status:   	No, score=0.2 required=5.0 tests=NO_REAL_NAME autolearn=no

i don't get why it says autolearn=no ??
when whould it say 'yes'?
how would i check if a spam email I passed through sa-learn is in its 'db'??

i would provide full headers if needed...

Can anyone suggest a solution???

some data:
OS: debian serge 3.1a
sendmail: 8.13.4


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