[Mimedefang] Is this possible w/ MIMEDefang?

Stefan Schoeman stefan at internext.co.za
Sun Oct 9 12:23:46 EDT 2005

Garry Glendown wrote:

> Sounds great ... off to compiling sendmail 8.13 or 8.12 with milter
> extension ;) Is the web app available for download?

Well, my perl is very elementary, so I'd be a little too embaressed to offer 
this on a public download ;) Also, my scripts are more used to quarantine 
and un-quarantine messages with a spam score between 2 values, but this is 
quite similar to what you would want. If you are interested, I'll mail you 
the cgi scripts + the section in my mimedefang-filter where I do the 

> tnx for the info on MD ... sounds like a really interesting piece of
> software ;)

Yep, but thank David - MD is a really great piece of work. :)


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