[Mimedefang] Verify recieptent

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Oct 5 03:13:26 EDT 2005

On Feb 25,  3:29am, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Andreas_Dahl=E9n?= wrote:
} I've the following setup;
} Sendmail (Runs MIMEDefang) -> TrendMicro -> Sendmail -> Procmail
} The first Sendmail daemon is configured as a smart host/mailer hub, that
} delivers all mail to TrendMicro daemon.
} If a reciptent doesn't exist, it won't be recognized until withn the second
} sendmail daemon.
} Is it possible to verify a recieptent agains aliases, that are configured
} for the second sendmail daemon?

     Yes, lookup md_check_against_smtp_server in the mimedefang-filter
manpage.  Other options are to create a list of valid users somewhere
and have filter_recipient() check it.

     However, a much better thing to do would be to dump the sandwich
config.  It is one of the stupidest things to have been invented, and
is an extremely gross hack.  MIMEDefang supports Trend Micro's vscan
natively, so you can still use Trend Micro if you wish.

}-- End of excerpt from =?iso-8859-1?Q?Andreas_Dahl=E9n?=

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