[Mimedefang] Which is worse?

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Tue Nov 29 21:07:55 EST 2005

Dave Williss wrote:

> I think to myself... If I go out of my way to block spam, I'm probably 
> NOT going
> to be inclined to buy anything from a spammer anyway.  So why do they 
> bother?

Spam is usually blocked by sysadmins.  They are attempting to bypass 
that and reach end users that might be inclined to click on the message. 
  It's like those "no soliciting" signs on doors (on both private 
properties and bussinesses).  From time to time you get uninvited 
salesman ignoring the sign, trying out his luck.  Anyhow, it doesn't 
cost a thing, so why not try it.

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