Winmail.dat - was:Re: [Mimedefang] Bare returns in message body

WBrown at WBrown at
Mon Nov 21 10:10:16 EST 2005

mimedefang-bounces at wrote on 11/18/2005 08:53:30 

> straying a little OT but..

> ..i've been saying that a lot lately, with regard to Outlook sending 
> attachments as winmail.dat despite all my attempts to coerce it to do 
> otherwise. They complain their recipients can't open the attachments 
> but won't change their mail client so it's all my fault and i'm just 
> buck passing and not doing my job in letting the problem remain...   :-(

I've run into the dreaded winmail.dat files on the recieiving end (we 
don't use Exchange/Outlook) and every time I get the question, I explain 
that it is the sender's configuration, and include a link to a web site 
that explains the problem and why it is the sender that has to fix it and 
how they can do so.  If it is a major honcho and they need the included 
information ASAP (don't they always?), I may dig out a winmail.dat decoder 
and extract the contents for them.  Then I uninstall the decoder.

I don't get the question often, every couple years or so.

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