[Mimedefang] Bare returns in message body

Steffen Kaiser skmimedefang at smail.inf.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de
Fri Nov 18 03:20:15 EST 2005

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> If any of $SuspisiousCharsIn* are true, I'm doing (as one of the first things 
> in
> filter_begin, even before checking for viruses):
> action_quarantine_entire_message('descriptive msg');
> return action_bounce('descriptive msg');

I did so for some time, too, but had to disable it, because some 
(important) people are subscribed to some CVS-has-changed notification 
lists, which send embedded CRs and NULs. The sender was complaining, that 
I'm the only person who thinks the mails are bad. (Well, I would probably 
react this way as well, if I'd get only one reply.) I bet that they have 
some newline problem (Mac vs. Unix vs. Windows), because these are huge 
projects they are working within, so someone probably checks in the files 

Since then I bounce SuspiciousCharsInHeader only and treat them as 
"infected by malware". No complains since then.


Steffen Kaiser

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