[Mimedefang] how to disable notify=success

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Thu Nov 17 12:03:20 EST 2005

Quoting "Kevin A. McGrail" <kmcgrail at pccc.com>:

> I have to concur but I'll give you more ammunition.
> This is pretty broken and large ISPs like AOL and Yahoo may block 
> mail servers that do not accept bounces.
> For example, from: http://postmaster.aol.com/guidelines/standards.html
>  AOL may reject connections from senders who are unable to accept at 
> least 90% of the bounce-return messages (mailer-daemon failure/error 
> messages) destined for their systems.

Which in turn is also broken.  To make a DOS attack (prevent AOL 
subscribers to
send email to particular domain), one would just generate bunch of emails to
non-existing AOL addresses that would have envelope sender set to non-existing
user at particular domain.  Attacker generates fake emails, AOL generates
bounces, bounces fail, AOL blocks domain.  Nice.

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