[Mimedefang] AD/Commercial: Question

Adam Lanier adam at krusty.madoff.com
Thu Nov 3 14:45:08 EST 2005

David F. Skoll wrote:
  > Would anyone on the list be interested in this?  How much would you
> pay?  If I said $400/month, would you be appalled, or would you say
> "Wow, that's cheap!  Sign me up!" ?

I think it sounds like an interesting idea.  Any idea how the bayes data 
would work in highly technical environments (finance, medical, legal 
etc)?  Our biggest issue these days is spam that 'looks' like finance 
related mail.  How would we incorporate our own stream of bayes data 
into the RPTN data?

My boss would boot me out of her office if I told her it would cost 

Sounds pretty cheap for ISP's or equivalent though if it increases the 
effectiveness of their spam system.

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