[Mimedefang] where does whitelist_from come into scanning.

Mark Ahlstrom mark.ahlstrom at managedmail.com
Mon Nov 28 16:44:34 EST 2005

I'm running a gateway for inbound and outbound mail. I can
whitelist_from on my domain(s) w/out any problems. And it appeared to
work until now. 

My dilemma is a mail application that sends through my gateway with
other rcptfrom's than my domain. I was catching some of them as spam. So
I added some code in the mimedefang-filter where if the network was my
network AND I've met the required spam hits, I add a couple of headers
and set my spam score to "0". 

Now that I've changed the code it appears my whitelist_from doesn't
work. If no rules are triggered the spam score is -100. If a rule is
triggered my spam score is whatever the triggered rule is, not a -9x.xx
that it should be. 

Since all my mail should be coming from the IP block I just
"whitelisted" I do not really have a production problem. However, I'm
just trying to figure out the details on how and why it's working like


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