[Mimedefang] How do you catch slice-and-dice or image spam?

Albert Croft acroft at cyber-wizard.com
Thu Nov 24 10:55:38 EST 2005

I have been operating a MIMEDefang-based filtering system for the better 
part of a year now, which has been quite successful in lowering the spam 
volume where I work. David, to you, those who may have worked with you 
on the project, and the participants on this list, go my sincerest 
appreciation and thanks.

I have noticed recently that increasingly the kinds of spam that are 
making it through tend to be along the lines of "The Big Picture", 
"Slice and Dice", and the occasional "But, is it art?" and "Catch a 
Wave" methods [1].  I am curious what methods ( Razor, custom SA rules, 
etc. ) others have had success ( or not ) with in dealing with these.

Your time and consideration of this email, as well as any suggestions or 
direction provided, are greatly appreciated.

Albert C.


[1] - Terms used in John Graham-Cumming's Spammers' compendium, viewable 
at http://www.jgc.org/tsc/index.htm .

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