[Mimedefang] Discard by $Subject

ms at interspace.net ms at interspace.net
Thu Nov 24 02:52:51 EST 2005

Hello List,

I have this iritating email keep getting through no matter how many times i put
it through the sa-learn!!!

My config is:
Debian Sarge 3.1a with Sendmail 8.13 + mimedefang 2.51 (i know i should
upgrade..but still) + sa 3.0.3 + clamd 0.87

So know i want to build a mimedefang rule to block this SPAM by its Subject,
which never changes.
Can any one offer a code?? (my perlish is a bit lame...;-) )
B.T.W. : you may have seen/recieved that spam...subject is:
The Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical

Thanks a 100000000000000000000

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