[Mimedefang] Merging MXs, but Excluding domains

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Mon Nov 21 15:52:20 EST 2005

    Our second MX decided to took a dive this morning and I'm having to 
merge the domains from that one onto the first MX.  The problem is, what 
those MXs did.  MX1 has a full implementation of MD+SA while MX2 was 
used for those clients who didn't want their e-mails filtered through 
MD.  How can I merge the two MXs into one, while still keeping the 
ability to allow email for certain domains to pass right through (no 
filtering) while leaving the rest alone?  I've been scouring the 
archives, trying to find the easiest solution, but I thought I'd post 
here as well.  Maybe someone will find the correct solution faster than 
I can through the archives...

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