[Mimedefang] Once again a Newbe question

Darryl Baker dpb at bl.com
Sun Nov 20 17:15:48 EST 2005

I'm building a new system with Sendmail 8.13.5, ClamAV 0.87.1, and  
MIMEDefang 2.49. I'm tearing out what little hair I have left trying  
to get everyone to play together. First it was sock permission  
problems for the MIMEDefang socket. The it was finding the Clamd  
socket. Now MIMEDefang can't talk to Clamd on the socket. Anyone have  
a simple cheat sheet with who owns what and the mode they should be  
so everything just works as advertised and I can get on with tuning  
the rules?

I had these working on my old system and I don't remember having this  
level of trouble.

Darryl Baker
dpb at bl.com

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