[Mimedefang] Is this possible w/ MIMEDefang?

Garry Glendown garry at nethinks.com
Sun Nov 6 13:47:11 EST 2005

Stefan Schoeman wrote:
> Garry Glendown wrote:
>> Can MIMEDefang :
>> - quarantine large files for admin approval (e.g., forwarding to an
>> admin account, with an extra header containing the original recipients)
> Yes, quite easily. MIMEDefang dumps the original unaltered mail in a
> file named INPUTMSG and you can easily check its size through something
> like :

I finally got around setting this up on a testsystem (actually, the
replacement system for the one currently in use), and it seems to work
great ... modification was simple, will need to do some more tests, but
all in all - great tool!!!


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