[Mimedefang] Problem with Mimedefang

Lisa Casey lisa at jellico.com
Thu Nov 3 14:23:15 EST 2005


I have become aware of a problem with my installation of 
MimeDefang/Spamassassin. I'm not sure when this started, and I imagine I did 
something to cause it, but I don't know what it might be.

I'm seeing this in my maillog every few minutes:

Nov  3 14:21:27 Raydeus-Dee mimedefang-multiplexor[935]: Slave 8 stderr: 
Failed to run meta SpamAssassin tests, skipping some: syntax error at (eval 
1206) line 295, near ") {" syntax error at (eval 1206) line 382, near "; }"

I really don't know what file is being complained about, otherwise I'ld go 
look at lines 295 and 382 to see if I could figure out the problem myself.

What is meta Spamassassin tests???


Lisa Casey

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