[Mimedefang] Re: Virus-notification for Admin and Recipient?

Tina Marie tina at tripacerdriver.com
Tue Jun 28 18:25:28 EDT 2005

{a slightly modified version was posted)

In gmane.mail.mimedefang, you wrote:
> The problem is that our users and admin personnel have become used to
> the behaviour of AntiVir MailGate, which sends a short notification
> email to the admin, who it was that would have received a virus. In
> addition, users were also send a short email stating that a virus
> headed for them has been blocked.

I use the GraphDefang logging and a perl script to generate a web
page that shows the last 5 days with some pretty graphs, and a
different page with all the blocked email with from/to addresses
and why it was blocked.

This may not be practical with large numbers of users, but mine
seem very happy with it. I'd be glad to share my logging code or 
my generation code with you.

You can look at it at: http://www.tripacerdriver.com/spamStats.html.
The rejection log is linked at the bottom.

My filter_begin contains:

   # Scan for viruses if any virus-scanners are installed
    my($code, $category, $action) = message_contains_virus();

    # Lower level of paranoia - only looks for actual viruses
    $FoundVirus = ($category eq "virus");

    # Higher level of paranoia - takes care of "suspicious" objects
    # $FoundVirus = ($action eq "quarantine");

    if ($FoundVirus) {
        md_graphdefang_log('virus', $VirusName, $RelayAddr);
        return action_discard();

I'm not sure why you couldn't use the perl mail stuff to send out
the mail you want to in that same block. $sender has the sender, 
$VirusName has the virus type, and the recipients are in

Tina Marie

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