[Mimedefang] RFC822 From: header

Steve Jordan stevej at uic.edu
Fri Jun 10 13:57:15 EDT 2005

We want to use the RFC822 From: header to reject mail purporting to be
from info at uic.edu and some other addresses. I can not find where this
information is available to me in mimedefang-filter. The RFC822 Subject:
line is available as the global variable $Subject. I spent a couple of
hours and found a solution by setting up a global variable called $From by
making minor modifications to mimedefang.c and mimedefang.pl.in. If I have
not re-invented the wheel, I would like these modifications to be included
in the next release of MIMEDefang. By the way, we are running MIMEDefang
2.47 currently. And I am receiving mail from this mail list in digest
form, so I will not be able to respond until I get the daily digest. I
just subscribed to this list today for this problem.

Steve Jordan

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