[Mimedefang] suggestion - filter_begin

Sleeuwenhoek J. J.Sleeuwenhoek at tweedekamer.nl
Thu Jun 9 10:53:08 EDT 2005

> hey, 
> i've made a little addition to the filter_begin code
> in the mimedefang-filter script
> code:
> sub filter_begin() {
> foreach $recip (@Recipients) {
>    if ($recip =~ /\<.+\@(.+)\>/) {
>       $domain = $1;
>       @mx = mx($domain);
>       unless (@mx) { delete_recipient($recip); }
>    }
> }
> }
> ---------
> i was  wondering if there are maybe possible problems
> you see with this solution, or maybe better ways to
> solve the prolem (maybe on the sendmail level?)

Why don't you use the sendmail features define(`confSEPARATE_PROC',
`true') define(`confTO_QUEUERETURN', `1d') which prevent 1 email to hold
the rest of the queue down (confSEPARATE_PROC) and try for a day to
deliver the mail (confTO_QUEUERETURN)?

You can also use multiple sendmail spool dirs, with separate
queuerunners. Email that cannot be delivered within the hour is moved to
the next spool, where the queuerunner only runs every hour After 4 hours
is is moved to the next one with a runner which checks every 4 hours,

Cheers, Johan

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