[Mimedefang] [Resolved] Start order for sendmail, MD and Clam

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Tue Jun 7 14:30:29 EDT 2005

Dirk the Daring wrote:

>    The "stop" scripts are a little more problematic. I've decided that
> for stopping, say, clam, it should check for MD being run, generate a
> warning if MD is up, but still proceed with the stop even if MD is
> running. Same for MD with relation to sendmail.


   Yeah, this could be problematic.  Especially in my case where if I 
make changes to my filter (not very frequently) or spamassassin rules 
(more frequently) i'll restart mimedefang but not necessarily sendmail 
or clamd.

anyways, glad to help.


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