AW: AW: [Mimedefang] Detect mail loops in mimedefang ?

Florian Meister Florian.Meister at
Thu Jul 28 10:57:11 EDT 2005

Thx for all the answers ... 

It seems that the forwarder inserts a return-path header, to which the mail is sent back which produces the looping. I'm going to correct this .... 

Cu, florian 

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Florian Meister wrote:

> 2 mail relays and one mail-storage. The mail-storage has a 
> webinterface on which you can redirect your mail. You redirect the 
> mail to a mailbox which does not exist, and because of the redirect 
> the Return-Path points to the redirected mailbox. The Server to which 
> is redirected sends a bounce-mail. The bounce-mail comes in to the 
> mail-relays. The mail relays do not see that the mail is rotating, 
> because of the forwarding. Then the mail is forwarded and bounced 
> again and gets bigger and bigger.

I can't follow this.  Bounce messages are supposed to come from <> exactly to prevent this kind of looping.


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