[Mimedefang] Re: MimeDefang, SA, and Graylisting.

Tina Marie tina at tripacerdriver.com
Wed Jul 27 10:59:15 EDT 2005

In article <42E6D8E0.2010201 at roaringpenguin.com>, David F. Skoll wrote:
> In CanIt, we have a third table called "hosts_known_to_retry".  If a host
> retries a mail for sender X and recipient Y, it is *extremely* likely
> to retry for any combination in the future, so we turn off greylisting
> for that host for 40 days.  This greatly mitigates the impact of
> greylisting, and also makes the folks at AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo a lot
> friendlier towards you. :-)

I said:

I see two tables:  One would contain fields for IP, sender
addy, and recipient addy, and the last time it was tried. Call
this the "tempFailed" table.
The other would contain an IP and a time - this would be the
"retriedSuccessfully" table.

That's exactly how I envisioned my "retriedSuccessfully" table
working.  That means I'm still missing a table - what do your other
two do?

> We only consider the first three octets of the IP address.  Most server
> farms are on a single class C network.

That makes sense.

> Sure you do.  Why not?  Just have a wrapper that stores the DB handle
> in a global variable; the connection will survive for the lifetime of
> the slave.

Duh!  Of course.  Thanks!

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