[Mimedefang] quarantine and notify recipient

Mark Coetser mark at bwbtrading.co.za
Tue Jul 26 14:55:48 EDT 2005

Thank you for the response you don't happen to have a sample/example of
either Mail::Send or Mail::Sendmail that I could  use in my setup


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On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 12:30:35PM +0200, Mark Coetser wrote:
> Hi Ppl
> I have been searching and reading but cant find anything that allows me to
> notify the recipient that there email has been quarantined, I have a
> for spam that dumps it into the quarantine directory but I need to notify
> the recipient that the email has been quarantined ?

You just need to send a separate email, using whatever interface you like.
Mail::Send should do it, or possibly Mail::Sendmail

But... are you really sure you want to do this? IMO it's better to give
users, if you want to give them an overview of blocked/quarantined spam,
do it daily or weekly... not for every mail.

If you do it for every quarantined mail, and it was spam, they STILL
get an email. If that wasn't spam, then they'll have to jump through
hoops to get it. So all you do is make some mails (false positives)
harder to read, you don't cut down on the amount of spam at all.

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