[Mimedefang] enigmail problem

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Sat Jul 23 19:16:00 EDT 2005

On Dec 13, 11:27am, Skylar Thompson wrote:
} I'm running a MIMEDefang site that's trying to make a transition from mutt
} with gpg to Thunderbird with Enigmail. With mutt and gpg, MIMEDefang passes
} all the encrypted email fine, but encrypted email sent from Thunderbird is
} defanged with the PGP/MIME file renamed to PGP_MIME. I've tried putting
} accept filters in mimedefang-filter.conf to allow in multipart/encrypted,
} and application-pgp/signature but the encrypted email is still flagged. I'm
} assuming other people have run into this before, so what's a good way to
} solve this?

     What is an "accept filter"?  What is "mimedefang-filter.conf"?
That file is not a standard part of MIMEDefang.  Both of these are
obviously features of your mimedefang-filter.  Since we haven't a clue
what is in your mimedefang-filter, we can't answer your question.

}-- End of excerpt from Skylar Thompson

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