[Mimedefang] building Mdf rpm - why are antivirus checks disabled by default?

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Wed Jul 27 11:19:23 EDT 2005

Hello, I recently upgraded to mimedefang 2.52, installing
it by first building the rpm, using the supplied
mimedefang.spec file.  All went well, except I
notice that the build seemed to miss the fact
that CLAMAV is installed.  Here's the diff between
the previous 2.49 install and the present 2.52

< $Features{'Virus:CLAMAV'}   = ('/usr/bin/clamscan' ne '/bin/false' ? '/usr/bin/clamscan' : 0);
< $Features{'Virus:CLAMD'}    = ('/usr/sbin/clamd' ne '/bin/false' ? '/usr/sbin/clamd' : 0);
> $Features{'Virus:CLAMAV'}   = ('/bin/false' ne '/bin/false' ? '/bin/false' : 0);
> $Features{'Virus:CLAMD'}    = ('/bin/false' ne '/bin/false' ? '/bin/false' : 0);

When I look at the rpmbuild step, I see the following:

*** Virus scanner detection results:
All virus-scanner detection disabled by --disable-anti-virus
Could not find any recognized virus scanner... do not use
any of the contains_virus functions in your filter.
Found Mail::SpamAssassin.  You may use spam_assassin_* functions
Did not find Anomy::HTMLCleaner.  Do not use anomy_clean_html()
Found HTML::Parser.  You may use append_html_boilerplate()
Note: SpamAssassin, File::Scan, HTML::Parser and Anomy::HTMLCleaner are
detected at run-time, so if you install or remove any of those modules, you
do not need to re-run ./configure and make a new mimedefang.pl.

And when I look inside the RPM spec, in the changelog
it says:

# Revision 1.22  2002/10/25 14:01:51  dfs
# Build RPM with --disable-anti-virus

Here's the operational code:

%define with_antivirus 0
%{?_with_antivirus: %{expand: %%define with_antivirus 1}}
%{?_without_antivirus: %{expand: %%define with_antivirus 0}}
%if %{with_antivirus}
            --with-user=%{user} \


So, clearly I can change the default, or explicitly
supply --with-antivirus when building the RPM, but
I was curious as to why this option was disabled
by default in the RPM spec.?

thanks, - Gary

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