[Mimedefang] MD/SA and Outlook

Todd Aiken taiken at ubishops.ca
Thu Jan 20 13:15:00 EST 2005

On 20 Jan 2005 at 9:23, Gary Funck wrote:

> Did you really want to put the full report into the headers, and not
> something
> a bit more abbreviated such as the more/less original rendition?
>   action_change_header("X-Spam-Score", "$hits ($score) $names");
> The code that KAM/JKC contributed, is what we use:
> Note that we add the "report safe" attachment if it is determined
> that the mail is spam, and we add the spam score, along with the $names
> of the rules that hit, even it is determined not to be spam. 

Here is what I use:

    # No sense doing any extra work
    return if message_rejected();

    # Spam checks if SpamAssassin is installed
    if ($Features{"SpamAssassin"}) {
        if (-s "./INPUTMSG" < 100*1024) {
            # Only scan messages smaller than 100kB.  Larger messages
            # are extremely unlikely to be spam, and SpamAssassin is
            # dreadfully slow on very large messages.
            my($hits, $req, $names, $report) = spam_assassin_check();

            # Reset greylist triplet(s)?
            if (defined($greylist) && $greylist && defined($gdb_reset) && 
$hits > $gdb_reset) {
                if ($gdb_reset_host) {
                } else {
                    foreach my $currecipient(@Recipients) {
                        md_syslog('debug', "filter_end, reset greylist 
for data $Sender at $RelayAddr to $currecipient");

            if ($hits < 40) {
                $score = "#" x int($hits);
            } else {
                $score = "#" x 40;
            # We add a header which looks like this:
            # X-Spam-Level: 6.8 (######) NAME_OF_TEST,NAME_OF_TEST
            # The number of pound signs in parens is the integer part
            # of the spam score clamped to a maximum of 40.
            # MUA filters can easily be written to trigger on a
            # minimum number of pound signs...

            action_change_header("X-Spam-Level", "$score ($hits)");
            action_change_header("X-Spam-Tests", "$names");
            if ($hits >= $req) {
                md_graphdefang_log('spam', $hits, $RelayAddr);

                my $fixed_report = $report;
                $fixed_report =~ s/\n+\z//g;       # fixes for multiline 
                $fixed_report =~ s/\n/\n\t/g;      # to stop sendmail 
                action_change_header('X-Spam-Report', $fixed_report);

#               # If you find the SA report useful, add it, I guess...
#               action_add_part($entity, "text/plain", "-suggest",
#                               "$report\n",
#                               "SpamAssassinReport.txt", "inline");
            } else {
                # Delete any existing X-Spam-Score header?

As you can see, we only add the extra information to the headers if the 
message is flagged as SPAM (currently if scoring >5).

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