[Mimedefang] Action Bounce Question

Dave O'Neill dmo at roaringpenguin.com
Mon Jan 17 15:20:44 EST 2005

Jeff Grossman wrote:
> I must have something wrong in my filter.  I am getting the following error:
> Jan 17 10:57:28 mail mimedefang.pl[29405]: action_bounce called outside of
> message context

You can't call most of the various action_ methods from within 
filter_recipient().   What you can do instead is:

if ($recip2 eq 'signalhill at turners.com' or $recip2 eq 
'reseda at turners.com') {
                 action_notify_administrator("Incorrect recipient $recip2");
		return ('REJECT', 'The intended recipient is not allowed to receive 


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