[Mimedefang] Milter rejecting message?

Ian Mitchell trash at aftermagic.com
Fri Jan 14 09:37:06 EST 2005

Mimedefang usually puts forth some very specific error messages, and that
doesn't look like one to me. Is it possible you may have another milter
running that does some form of call back like VRFY or EXPN or something of
that nature to validate a sender. The fact the address is coming from
navy.mil tells me that's likely what's happening because standard
government configurations call for disabling these features to the MTA.
With them disabled, a test of that nature would fail. Do you get any other
similar rejects from other government or military addresses?

> From: Jim McCullars <jim at info.uah.edu>
> Subject: [Mimedefang] Milter rejecting message?
> Hi, we have the unusual situation that users with a navy.mil address are
unable to send email to our campus.  It's getting rejected with the
"Domain unable to resolve" error, but look at the log entry:
> Jan 13 16:57:35 smtp-in1 sendmail[29029]: [ID 801593 mail.info]
> j0DMutQN029029: Milter: to=<mccullj at uah.edu>, reject=451 4.1.8 Domain of
sender address some.user at navy.mil does not resolve
> It seems to say that the milter is rejecting the email, because usually
it will say something like "ruleset=check_rcpt" but here it says Milter.
 I don't have the error string in my mimedefang-filter file.  Is MD
rejecting this email?  Thanks...
> Jim McCullars
> University of Alabama in Huntsville

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