[Mimedefang] tagging mail sent to aliases

James Ebright jebright at esisnet.com
Wed Jan 12 09:57:19 EST 2005

Um.. yes.. it does make a difference. I use this feature so we can 
authenticate senders that are off my local network prior to some other checks 
(thus enabling relay, a lesser SPF weight, etc), it happens before, or at 
worst, during any milter calls as I check for the authenticated sender inside 
filter_begin to disable some other checks we have coded into our mimedefang 
setup here. Actually, I check in filter_recipient but save to a state file to 
later decide a course of action based on whether or not the user 
authenticated. So, yes.. it is possible.

By using FEATURE(`delay_checks') the rulesets check_mail and check_relay will 
not be called when a client connects or issues a MAIL command, respectively. 
Instead, check_rcpt is the first check_* ruleset to be called. After it 
completes, check_mail and check_relay will be called in order. Moreover, one 
argument can be specified for the delay_checks feature: 

FEATURE(`delay_checks', `friend') 
enable spamfriend test 
FEATURE(`delay_checks', `hater') 
enable spamhater test 
If such an argument (at most one) is given, the recipient will be looked up 
in the access map (using the tag To:). If the argument is friend, then the 
other rulesets will be skipped if the recipient address is found and has RHS 
SPAMFRIEND, i.e., the default is to apply the usual rulesets unless an entry 
in the access map is specified. If the argument is hater, then the other 
rulesets will be applied if the recipient address is found and has RHS 
SPAMHATER, i.e., the default is to skip the usual rulesets unless an entry in 
the access map is specified. 
This allows for simple exceptions from the tests, e.g. by activating the 
spamfriend option and having 


in the access map, mail to abuse at localdomain will get through. It is also 
possible to specify a full address or an address with +detail: 
To:abuse at abuse.my.domain	SPAMFRIEND
To:me+abuse@		SPAMFRIEND

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 02:48:15 -0800, John Nemeth wrote

> processing, including checking to see if the receipient is valid. } 
> } Unless you delay checks.
>      Nope, that doesn't make a difference.
> }-- End of excerpt from "James Ebright"

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