[Mimedefang] MySQL Greylisting: grey_old records

Todd Aiken taiken at ubishops.ca
Mon Jan 10 23:47:55 EST 2005

> You mention above that $gdb_white is set to 30 days, but the originaal
> implementation you refer to at
> http://www.bl.org/~jpk/md-greylist/mimedefang-filter-greylist has
> these config. constants:
> $gdb_black = 30*$minute;
> $gdb_grey = 5*$hour;
> $gdb_white = 7*$day;
> And $gdb_white is 7 days (or 7*24*60*60 seconds).  Is it possible that
> you set $gdb_white to 30 seconds, or 30 mins instead of 30 days?

That was one of the first things I checked, but everything from the beginning 
of my mimedefang-filter-greylist looks right:

$minute = 60;
$hour = 60*$minute; 
$day = 24*$hour;    

$greylist = 1;
$gdb_black = 10*$minute;
$gdb_grey = 12*$hour;
$gdb_white = 30*$day;

The strange thing is that I can telnet to my mail server on port 25, and all 
the testing I do causes the greylisting to behave normally.  First new entry is 
always grey_new.  If I try a couple of connections during the 10 minute wait 
period, I get log entries with grey_black, but after 10 minutes I will get 
grey_white, indicating everything is working as it is supposed to be.  But my 
log files indicate otherwise... 335 entries since 3pm this afternoon.

CU L8R...

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