[Mimedefang] tagging mail sent to aliases

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Thu Jan 6 12:04:18 EST 2005

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> Unless you delay checks.

1. we delay checks

2. I've seen code that adds custom headers for SA to score them,
   by rewriting INPUTMSG in its entirety.  I don't recall if it
   also updated HEADERS, or if it wrote HEADERS first and then
   made a call to recreate INPUTMSG. Maybe not the most efficient
   thing to do, but given the other processing that goes on in
   spam detectin, probably not a big additional impact either.

3. On our system, I believe that /etc/aliases might be a hash
   database, and therefore it seems that it might be pretty
   easy to lookup recipients in the alias hash directly?
   Though clearly invoking sendmail to do this is safer,
   and the result could be cached internally and the cache
   flushed if /etc/aliases time stamp is updated.

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