[Mimedefang] tagging mail sent to aliases

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Thu Jan 6 09:49:51 EST 2005

I agree & disagree with John's statement below.  First, he's correct about
the way things work by design.  Second, Perl, and by extension MD, is quite
unlimited in the possibilities it provides.

The best solution I see is to carefully sanitize your email address and run
the system command [sendmail -bv -v <recipient>].  If you then test the
output from that command for the word aliased, you should be able to add the
header for your test.

However, you are now running into a potential problem I would like to solve.
Once you add this header in MD, if you then call SpamAssassin from MD, that
header isn't going to be in the message for testing.  I believe you might
have to open ./HEADERS and manually add it.  I asked a question about this
and haven't gotten an answer to it so I'd appreciate your feedback if you do
play around with this further.

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> On May 28,  5:54am, "Gary Funck" wrote:
> }
> } I notice a lot of spam gets sent to one of a number of mail aliases,
> } we've added to /etc/aliases to catch alternate spellings of our e-mail
> } addresses.  Is there a method within sendmail to notice when it has mode
> } an alias substituion, and to then have MdF add a header tag noting this
> } happened?  If it can do that, then it'd be easy to write a custom rule
> } that dings the usage of alternate spellings.
>      Can't do this since mail is sent to milters before sendmail does
> any processing, including checking to see if the receipient is valid.
> }-- End of excerpt from "Gary Funck"

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