[Mimedefang] Need to upgrade MD on Red Hat 8.0 and 7.3

James Ebright jebright at esisnet.com
Tue Jan 4 11:43:34 EST 2005

Running it on 8 with no problems, the only thing you need to look out for you 
would need to with any platform... that is look in the changelog for 
INCOMPATIBILITY and resolve those first... how many you need to resolve will 
depend on how old your original mimedefang is...

Also.. my systems while started life as rh8.0 are fairly close to a fedora 
core 2 or so install as I keep it updated regularly, and use some packages 
from their legacy project and dags; as well as many of my own.. (yum ignores 
perl and spamassasin, sendmail and a few other items I compile myself)

If you use yum or apt for updates make sure you always check what you are 
updating first... some updates.. even from fedora are fairly well out of 
date.. I think they are on spamasassin 2.64 or something like that there 
still and several versions behind on many perl modules etc.


On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 10:36:21 -0500 (EST), Ronald Vazquez NLM wrote
> Hello:
> I have a need to upgrade MIMEDefang to the latest version on two Red 
> Hat boxes (8.0 & 7.3).  Yes I know, I should also upgrade the OS but 
> that needs a little more planning.
> Is any member of this list successfuly running MIMEDefang-2.49 on 
> either Red Hat 8.0 or 7.3?  I need to know if there are any issues 
> which I need to work out prior to my MIMEDefang upgrade.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ronald Vazquez
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