[Mimedefang] MySQL Greylisting: grey_old records

Todd Aiken taiken at ubishops.ca
Mon Jan 10 17:53:12 EST 2005

Greetings all.  After having some problems with database corruption, I 
modified my greylisting to use a MySQL database according to the 
following web page set up by John Kirkland:


While it seems to work okay for most mail, I am getting some messages in 
my syslog file similar to the following:

Jan 10 17:36:24 HERA mimedefang.pl[26099]: 
MDLOG,j0AMaO2O026351,grey_old,nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn,sender at email.address,recipie
nt at email.address,?

I'm assuming that this is supposed to happen when a whitelisted entry is 
found in the database that has been there and not accessed for longer 
than the time period defined by gdb_white (currently set to 30 days), but 
I only implimented this setup earlier this morning with a brand new 
database!  Does anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening on my 
system already?  Or am I misunderstanding grey_old?

CU L8R...

Todd A. Aiken 
Systems Analyst - Administrator
Cole Computer Centre
Lennoxville, Quebec, CANADA

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