[Mimedefang] Looking for Software

Mark Penkower mark at roycenet.com
Tue Jan 4 10:10:02 EST 2005

This is a little off topic.

I can use Mimedefang to bcc all emails to a catch all account.

I can then have Outlook download the emails on a regular basis.

I have some search software (Iyss Desktop)The software will search for text within the subject, body, or attachments of all of the emails.  If the text that we were looking for is in the subject or body, the software can tell what email message that the text was from.  However, if the text was in an attachment, the software does not know what message that it came from.  The company tells me that they should have a new verion out by the end of the year that will be able to link up text in attachments to the message that it come from.

I can't wait that lonk.

Does anybody know of some software that already has that functionality?


mark Penkower

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