[Mimedefang] restart or reload after changin SA rules?

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Tue Jan 4 02:57:42 EST 2005

I use RulesDuJour (http://www.exit0.us/index.php?pagename=RulesDuJour) and
trying to now integrating them into MIMEDefang. This script downloads the
custom-developed SA rules and auto-updates them into a config directory.
Once it is done it want to run '/etc/init.d/spamd restart'.  With MDF, we
run spamd, but run the MDF multiplexor instead.

Q: after changing the SA rule set in one/more config dirs, is it necessary
to run /etc/init.d/mimedefang restart, or will "reload" work just as well?

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