[Mimedefang] Virus scanning

David Crowfoot Crowfoot.David at azdeq.gov
Mon Jan 3 15:58:50 EST 2005

I have been noticing the following:

When some emails come in from a null sender (<>) and contain a file
attachment listed in the filter (SCR,COM) and a virus (Sober.J), the
filter just adds the Header that it went through MIMEDefang, but it
never catches the virus OR file attachment.  All other virual emails are

We have another virus scanner behind the MIMEDefang gateway, that is
how I am finding them.  Not sure what I have done wrong.

If I take the emails from the second scanner and copy them back to the
gateway, then command line scan them, the viruses are found.

Sendmail 8.13.2
MIMEDefang 2.49

Using example filter that came with distribution.

Dave Crowfoot

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