[Mimedefang] multiplexor Cannot open bayes databases R/O: tie failed: No such file or director

Neil King king at hjw.com
Tue Feb 22 19:41:47 EST 2005

I have turned off NFS and the Automounter for Solaris 9.
I am using " lock_method flock"

And the problem has diminished from  +- 60 events to +- 10 events per
Small successes are a good! Thanks.

The only thing I see that may be an issue but i do not see why is a soft
link in /var/spool :
MD-Bayes -> /private/log/defang/MD-Bayes
MD-Quarantine -> /private/log/defang/MD-Quarantine
MIMEDefang -> /private/log/defang/MIMEDefang

The perl version is 5.8.0 Sun's precompiled binary
perl-5.8.0-sol9-sparc-local from sunfreeware.
I have not configured perl to run embbeded with the mimedefang startup
If there is another place to control perl I have not researched this as
of yet.

Presently the sa-mimedefang.cf file is:

internal_networks 10.10.10/24
irequired_hits        3
ok_locales            en
rewrite_subject       0
use_bayes             1
bayes_path /var/spool/MD-Bayes/bayes
lock_method flock
skip_rbl_checks 1

What next to explore, any thoughts?

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