[Mimedefang] Scary... Filtering on the outbound.

Paul Murphy pmurphy at ionixpharma.com
Mon Feb 21 05:32:45 EST 2005

David wrote:

> 2) All kinds of regulations in the US like HIPAA and financial
> regulations will force businesses to at least pretend to control
> outflowing information.  Unfortunately, doing this effectively means
> prohibiting tools like PGP for encrypted e-mail. :-(

Alternatively, implement an encryption policy which requires that all encrypted
messages must also include a  corporate key, so that the filtering system (and
possibly an archiving system as well) is capable of decrypting and checking

How you protect the passphrase for this key when it is used within MIMEDefang is
a concern, but as the mail filter needs to be a secure system in the first
place, it is not an issue I see as being major.  I need to use PGP, I need to be
able to recover encrypted messages, and I need to be able to enforce a sensible
policy, and I've achieved all of these with MIMEDefang and GnuPG.  There is no
other solution on the market as far as I am aware.

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