[Mimedefang] SURBL

-ray ray at ops.selu.edu
Mon Feb 28 15:37:58 EST 2005


I've upgraded to Mimedefang 2.51 and Spamassassin 3.02, and SURBL lookup's 
stopped working.  I read the thread from December and some work arounds 
were mentioned, just wondering if anyone has deduced the "proper" way to 
get SURBL going again.  I've already copied init.pre to the 
LOCAL_RULES_DIR which didn't work.

One thing to mention, i have $SaLocalTestsOnly=1.  I don't want to run all 
the network tests, only SURBL (have a local surbl rbldnsd).  What i did 
was comment out the 'tflags   net' line in 
/usr/share/spamassassin/25_uribl.cf from the surbl rules.  This worked in 
2.63, but not sure if it'll work now.  If anyone has any ideas, let me 

Ray DeJean  				       	 http://www.r-a-y.org
Systems Engineer                    Southeastern Louisiana University
IBM Certified Specialist  	      AIX Administration, AIX Support

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